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At CFT we do our best to navigate the ever-changing landscape of diseases and illness in our community in an effort to keep our students, families, and staff as safe as possible from colds, flu, COVID, strep, Monkey Pox and whatever emerges in our area.


We follow the CDC best practices in dealing with sickness and outbreaks. This can include masking to reduce transmission or isolating at home after a positive illness diagnosis. We will continually monitor sickness rates in our area and adjust our health protocols and schedules as needed in response.



If You Become Sick

CFT will implement the following Health and Safety Protocols for our students, staff, and volunteers when they are showing signs of any communicable disease.


1) If you receive a positive diagnosis/test notify the STAGE MANAGER or INSTRUCTOR that you are sick so we can notify other families about possible exposures and sanitize the rehearsal areas when necessary.

2) Do not attend rehearsals, classes, or CFT activities while sick or showing symptoms of an illness.

3) You may return after being fever/symptom free for 24 hours without the aid of fever reducers.

Personal Masking for Sickness

We all get that tickle in our throat, little cough or sneeze, or sometimes a little ear pressure just before we become ill and contagious. Sometimes it’s just allergies other times it’s the start of something bigger. We ask that you be considerate of others and mask if you feel you could be coming down with something, until you've had a day or so to confirm that you are not sick.


Other times you may feel fine but a family member at home is ill. We appreciate those of you who go the extra mile to keep your cast healthy by wearing a mask to rehearsals until you know you aren't sick also.


Mandatory Masking

Our facilities rental contract states we are bound by the church and church conference guidelines when it comes to masking. If either entity deems it necessary that groups using their facilities mask, then we will comply with their decision for our students, staff, families, and audiences that enter their facility.



CFT reserves the right to amend these protocols at any time as needed.

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